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Some of these paintings are personal commissions so
therefore not all these artworks are available as prints

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Easy Riders
T Bucket,  Hot Rod Garage
Hot Rod Garage
click to enlarge
The Road to Bonneville

Hot Rod
T Bucket,  Hot Rod Garage
Tri-Chevys For Sale

MG Garage

Black 55 Chevy & Diner
Take another a this one
Wolf Mountain
I paint Pet Portraits too, click to take a look
Max the Dog

Texaco Ford Pickup
It's worth looking at the bigger picture...
Impala Reflections
Chevy & Airstream
Chevy Impala

& Airstream
Click for a better view
ZZ Top - The Eliminator
Click for a closer look
Red Steel & Whitwalls
Click for a closer look
California Kid
click to enlarge
Gassed 'n' Primed

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